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Riederwald Escort

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Riederwald Frankfurt

The area, established in 1910 as a labor settlement, lies on a portion of lowland washed ashore between the Main and Ice Age, later the swampy branch of the Main. The 33-hectare Riederwald for which it is named, with its light and air bath of the same name, is thus the rest of the sedimentary forests that arose there.
The three building phases of the settlement’s twenty-year period of construction can still be seen in architecture today. While two-storey groups of semi-detached houses with high ceilings were built in the classic Heimat style in the east, the west is characterized by the “new building”. There are flat-roofed houses with modern design elements on the windows and balconies. In addition, a touch of Expressionism is blown by Riederwald. It is also notable that street names are named after representatives of the labor and cooperative movement (eg Raiffeisenstraße, Lassallestraße) and thus indicate the origin as a labor settlement. Today, the area in the wetland Riederbruch is also famous for the Frankfurter Eintracht, as the youth performance center is located here. Enjoy such leisure activities with the perfect combination of exciting entertainment for adults. Escort service Riederwald Frankfurt