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Bonames Frankfurt

Experts do not fully agree on the origin of the unusual name for the region. Either the ancient Romans called this place “Buna Mancio” (Latin meaning “good inn”), or this name is a combination of the ancient Lorraine words “Bun” for “village sign” and “Mes” for “field”. In any case, one thing is clear: life is still good in Bonamis in the northern suburbs of the city today.
Although settlement after settlement has been built in the past few decades, Bonamis has remained close to nature and partly village-like. After the River El Nida straightened, the 7-hectare North Park was built in the middle of the floodplain in the southeast of the area – a popular picnic destination with paved walking and bike lanes, sports facilities and a bridle path. To the west on the River Nida, the “Old Airport”, a protected natural site, originated on the former US Army helicopter landing pad, a veritable urban wilderness of flora and fauna. You can find out more about it at the learning stations as well as lay back super relaxed in the meadow. By the way, the former runway is still there. Today, however, it is used for snowboarding and kiting. You can enjoy a morning ride and aerobics in the nearest park in Bonames and you can book the Frankfurt Elite Girl from Angie Escort in Frankfurt because we provide qualified and suitable escorts at Bonames Frankfurt