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Bergen-Enkheim Frankfurt

The easternmost district of Frankfurt was only established in 1977, making it the smallest district in Frankfurt. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, it has retained its calm, village-like character to this day. The local museum has been located in Bergen’s Gothic Town Hall since 1959, and the striking White Tower, a late 15th-century Gothic defense tower, was once part of the old town wall. Bergen-Enckheim even has a medieval moat castle, Schelmenburg. The opulent Schelme von Bergen family resided here, which achieved even greater fame after her death through the play of the same name by Carl Zuckmayer.
The name Bergen-Enkheim is closely associated with the literary scene in Frankfurt, with one of the most important German literary prizes awarded here since 1974. Anyone who becomes a city clerk in Bergen-Enkheim receives a prize money of €20,000 and can live for free for one year in the city clerk’s home The perfect in An der Oberpforte 4. The awards ceremony is held in a marquee with cider, beer and pastries on the evening before the official opening of the annual Burger Market. This is also unusual because it is also a rustic animal show, as it was in the 18th century. You can easily order sex online and get a blowjob Escort Bergen-Enkheim from Angie Escort Frankfurt a quick escort service in Bergen-Enkheim, available 24/7